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why buy from livikos online store

  • Our online store has the best selection in the city
  • The prices are always lower in our online store
  • As a regular customer of Liviko, you are eligible for monthly discounts and campaigns
  • Delivery of goods is fast and convenient – choose between Omniva courier, SmartPOST or pick them up from the store
  • There are no limits to amounts
  • The selection of products is constantly updated
  • The Liviko brand is reliable and well-known

Sisu Moodul

You do not need to log in to make purchases. At the same time it’s recommended because this way you get access to discounts. Our selection of products is available on the left side of the page. If you’re looking for a specific brand or beverage, type it in the search box and the results that match your search word will be displayed.

All our product categories can be easily filtered. When you click on a product category, a small category page is opened, which also includes a filter menu. This way, you can easily narrow down your choices and search for products that match your personal preferences.

How to buy:

  • Find your product
  • Add the product to cart and select the amount
  • Fill in the necessary blanks and select the method of delivery
  • Select the method of payment and confirm the order

Bank link

Select your bank, through which you wish to pay for the purchase. Complete all procedures required by the bank, after that we will send the notice of order to your e-mail address. Your order will be put together as you provided and the goods are handed out upon the provision of the notice of order.

NB! The order will be processed only after you have selected “BACK TO MERCHANT” in the bank.

NB! The goods are only given to the person who is showing the payment order.  


 If the purchase price exceeds 20 euros, then a discount of up to 5% applies.

*NB! The client card discount does not apply to tobacco and campaign products.

 *You can get the physical client card from the store of your choice. We will inform you by e-mail when the card is ready. If you haven’t picked the card up in 60 days, then your client card will be annulled.

As the holder of a Liviko client card, you are eligible for all following
discounts with our cooperation partners.

                                         Special offer by Hotel Bravo:

Bravo Hotel Accommodation with full spa package.
 Cost: 45 EUR 
 Twin room
 Use of the spa in the evening and in the morning
 Free parking space in front of the hotel.


Hotell MetropolSpecial offer by Metropol Hotel:

 5% discount on accommodation of the regular day price with the Liviko card and the keyword “Liviko”. The Liviko card and the keyword must be used when you start the booking. You cannot change the cost of a completed booking. The discount does not apply if fewer than 10 rooms are available.


Economy Hotel

 Special offer by Economy Hotel:

 Discount of up to 22% on accommodation with the Liviko card.

Our courier partner is Omniva. You can place orders for both small and large amounts. There are no limitations. Our courier service is suitable for businesses and private clients alike. A client contract is not required.

You can place an order or register as a user immediately and get a discount of 5% on each purchase exceeding 20 euros. To be eligible for this, select the level II client card when you register.


Price components of the courier service

The cost of courier service depends on the weight of delivery. This is calculated automatically based on the size and destination of the order. The final cost is displayed when you have made your selection.

The price is calculated on the basis of price lists of delivery service providers. The cost of delivery is indicated separately on the invoice. For more information, contact the customer service by telephoning 6837744 Mon-Fri 10:00-17:00.


Time and weight

* The same-day order is a courier service where the order is delivered to the recipient on the same day as the order was placed, from 10:00 to 17:00. The time of delivery of same-day orders is up to 4 hours from the confirmation of the order. Same-day orders can be placed until 10:00. We only offer the same-day delivery service in the territory of Tallinn. If you have any special requests, please telephone us at 6837744 Mon-Fri 10:00-17:00, Sat-Sun 10:00-18:00 telephone 660 5986.

* Delivery times for the rest of Estonia may be up to 3 business days from the confirmation of the order. Deliveries to islands which do not have constant access are delivered on the basis of the frequency of the transport connection. Please enter all special requests and specifying information at the time of placing the order in the box of additional information or by telephoning 6837744 Mon-Fri 10:00-17:00 and at weekends 10:00-18:00 on the telephone 660 5986.

* Deliveries weighing up to 30 kg are delivered to the door of the place of residence or location of the recipient. Deliveries weighing over 30 kg are not transported within buildings and these are delivered to a loading site on the ground floor of the building.



* A recipient who is a physical person is notified by the courier in advance by telephone or SMS. If the recipient who is a physical person does not answer the telephone, the number is missing or incorrect, the courier will make one attempt of delivery to the address of the destination. If we cannot deliver the order, then we will attempt to leave a notice of the attempt and the location of delivery at the address of the recipient.

If the second attempt of delivery also fails or if the recipient refuses to accept the delivery, we will attempt to contact you and agree on future action. The person ordering the goods should supply us with special instructions for this situation in the additional information box in the online environment at the time of placing the order.

For delivery of the order to a different location/person (e.g. a neighbour and/or to a neighbour’s address). If you request for this service of special instructions of delivery and we agree to offer this, then the following terms and conditions will apply:

* Our providing of any proof of delivery, indicating the alternative person and/or site of delivery is declared proof of delivery of the order;

* We are not responsible for any damages caused in any way as a result of us following your special instructions for delivery;

* There is no obligation to telephone a recipient who is a legal person in advance and one attempt of delivery will be made.

* Alcoholic beverages and tobacco products are not handed over to persons under 18.

* If the delivery of the order fails due to incorrect contact information entered by the client or the client transpiring to be under 18, the sum paid by the client is returned to the client with the incurred transport costs deducted. 

* You can order goods through SmartPOST if they can be packaged to the maximum measurements of 60 cm * 36 cm * 60 cm. If the ordered amount cannot be packaged within these measurements, then you will need to use courier service or pick the goods up from the store.

* SmartPOST parcel terminals are located in various shopping centres all over Estonia. You can select the one that suits you best.

* SmartPOST is open as long as the shopping centre where the SmartPOST of your choice is located. * When the parcel arrives, an SMS with the door code is sent to your mobile phone. To receive the parcel, enter the door code in the touch screen at the parcel terminal – the correct door will open and the parcel is yours! If you wish, you can send the door code to a reliable person who will pick the parcel up from the terminal for you.

* The parcel is kept in the parcel terminal for 7 calendar days from the sending of the door code to your mobile phone.


Liviko AS has the right to withdraw from the sales contract concluded in the online store without sanctions and refuse to deliver the ordered goods or provide the service in the following cases:

  • the buyer is under 18 years of age;
  • the goods are out of stock;
  • the price or properties of the goods are displayed wrong in the online store due to a system error;
  • the sum paid for the goods has not arrived in the bank account of AS Liviko.

If Liviko is unable to complete the order, the buyer will be contacted and the paid amount is returned if the buyer has already paid for the goods.

Returning the goods

Pursuant to the legislation of the Republic of Estonia and the European Union, the right of the consumer to withdraw from the contract and return the goods does not extend to alcoholic beverages.

If the goods are wrong or defective, notify us immediately upon receiving the goods at the e-mail address info@alcostore.ee or telephone the store from which you bought the goods. You can exchange the wrong or defective goods on the basis of the receipt or invoice. Liviko AS will bear all costs of returning.

As of 15 February 2016, all consumers of the European Union have access to a new electronic environment whereby it is possible to find solutions to disputes with online traders. The environment facilitates solving disputes regarding both domestic transactions and transnational transactions.

The environment is called the ODR platform (Online Dispute Resolution) and it is located at http://ec.europa.eu/odr

The platform is governed by Regulation (EU) No. 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council on online dispute resolution for consumer disputes. In addition to this, a Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2015/1501 on the modalities for the exercise of the functions of the online dispute resolution platform, on the modalities of the electronic complaint form and on the modalities of the cooperation between contact points provided for, has been adopted. An EU consumer and trader can submit complaints regarding Internet purchases on the ODR platform for the ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) units to solve via the Internet. The ODR platform connects all national ADR units of the European Union. The ODR platform notifies the trader of a complaint filed against them. Next, the consumer and trader agree on which ADR unit to use to solve the dispute.

For further information in Estonia, visit the Estonian Consumer Protection Board on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., call 6201 707, or e-mail info@tarbijakaitseamet.ee.

The privacy policy of AS Liviko establishes the principles, on the basis of which AS Liviko process the personal data of their customers. The privacy policy of AS Liviko applies to all customers and users who are natural persons and who purchase the products and visit the stores and websites of the company. AS Liviko use your personal data to serve you in the best possible way and for the proper performance of all obligations arising from contractual relationships and the law.

Any questions regarding the processing of personal data by the companies of AS Liviko can be addressed to:

AS Liviko – address Masina 11, Tallinn 10144, e-mail: liviko@liviko.ee

The scope of the privacy policy

The privacy policy is applicable to all customers and users who are natural persons and who purchase the products or visit the stores and websites of AS Liviko.

The terms and conditions of processing personal data by the online store of Liviko can be read here: https://www.livikostore.ee/en/help/

Which personal data is collected by AS Liviko?

AS Liviko may collect personal data in the extent required for the purposes of providing services in the best possible manner, including, but not limited to your name, e-mail address, postal address, telephone number, preferred language, direct marketing preferences, and technical information received from digital devices (e.g. cookies and other similar technology).

How is personal data collected by AS Liviko?

AS Liviko collect your personal data with your consent in the beginning of and during your customer relationship when you purchase and use products and services from AS Liviko. AS Liviko only collect your personal data if such data is provided by you voluntarily.

For which purposes is personal data processed by the companies of the Group?

AS Liviko process your personal data for the following purposes:

administration of customer relationships and communication with the customer

entry into and performance of the contract entered into with the customer

responding to the customer’s inquiries

development and analysis of customer relationships

provision of products and services

direct marketing

legitimate interest

researching consumer habits

administration and development of services

using and complementation of the website

organising competitions and surveys

drawing up sales statistics

protection of persons and property

fulfilling legal obligations.

How is your personal data protected by AS Liviko?

AS Liviko use modern, sufficient, technical, and organisational security measures in the collection, storage, and processing of your personal data, which protect the personal data saved in the customer databases and on the websites of the companies of the Group from unauthorised access, amendment, disclosure, or destruction. Only authorised persons can access, amend, and process the personal data.

Forwarding of your personal data

AS Liviko may use third party service providers in processing your personal data that provide services required by the Group (such as software development, sending direct marketing messages, providers of payment and postal services). Contracts are entered into for the protection of personal data and ensuring the confidentiality of the forwarded data with all third-party service providers whom personal data is forwarded to by AS Liviko. The updated list of names, addresses and other contact details will be made available to client from AS Liviko upon request.

Period of processing your personal data

AS Liviko may only process your personal data as long as this is required for fulfilling the customer relationship between the company and you or for fulfilling another similar relationship until your consent for processing of the personal data is withdrawn or for taxation and legal purposes for the duration of the periods provided for in the legislation.

Direct marketing and satisfaction surveys

AS Liviko may use the personal data provided by you with your consent to send you information about deals, campaigns and offers. If you would like to stop receiving direct marketing offers, you may withdraw your consent to processing of your personal data at any time by following the directions provided in a direct marketing message or by contacting us.

Use of cookies

The websites of AS Liviko use cookies. A cookie is a tiny text file, which is automatically saved by the browser in the device used by the user. Cookies are used to collect information about how the website is used by the user with an aim to provide a better user experience.

Websites use the following cookies:

session cookies with an aim to enable the use of the website;

permanent cookies with an aim to remember the customer’s preferences on the website;

age limits cookies, by virtue of the law;

first and/or third party cookies with an aim to display appropriate advertising and offers to the customer;

third party analytics cookies with an aim to optimise marketing communication.

The user may delete the cookies saved in the user’s device and/or block the saving of cookies by changing the respective settings of their browser. In the event of refusing to use cookies, the website may not function as planned and/or some functionality may not be available for the users.

In addition to the analytics cookies, websites also use pixels (pixel tags, web-beacons), which are used to monitor the use of the website. This does not include processing of personal data that would enable identifying the person.

Processing of non-personal data

Upon visiting the websites of AS Liviko the company may collect non-personal data from you, such as the date and time of visiting the website, the information downloaded from the website, information about the name of your browser and your operation system, your internet service provider, and other similar information. This data is processed anonymously and the data is used for the purposes of improving the functionality of the website.

Video recordings

The stores of AS Liviko are equipped with video surveillance with an aim to protect persons and property. The data controller of the video recordings generated as a result of the video surveillance and the personal data processed on the video recordings is AS Liviko.

All video recordings can only be accessed by the persons who are authorised to be acquainted with the video recordings based on their duties.

The video recordings are saved for up to 60 calendar days, except in cases a longer period is necessary for the ongoing supervision proceedings regarding protection of persons and property.


AS Liviko may use your personal data and statistical data of your purchases to perform profile analyses in order to better understand your expectations and to thereby offer you better goods and services. No decisions of legal significance concerning you are made by AS Liviko as a result of such profiling.

Your rights in connection with the processing of your personal data

You may inquire about your personal data from AS Liviko that you have submitted your personal data to at any time, to request amendment or transmit of the personal data, or request the deletion of your personal data.

Please submit any requests concerning processing of your personal data electronically to the Data Protection Officer of AS Liviko by e-mailing liviko@iviko.ee In order to ensure the security of processing your personal data, your application must be digitally signed.

AS Liviko may reject your request if your identity cannot be verified or if the personal data cannot be transmitted securely. AS Liviko may refuse to satisfy your request for deletion of the personal data if the obligation to process the personal data arises from a valid contract, applicable law, or if it is required for the preparation, submission, or defence of legal claims in connection with the protection of persons or property.

Amendment of the privacy policy

AS Liviko may amend or complement the privacy policy at any time. The valid version of the privacy policy is always available on the websites of AS Liviko.

Submission of claims

If you find that AS Liviko is violating your rights in processing the personal data, you may always contract the respective by using the contact details above, or the Data Protection Officer of AS Liviko by e-mailing liviko@liviko.ee, as well as the Data Protection Inspectorate (www.aki.ee) or a court.